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State’s longest leopard cub reunion attempt fails, 4 cubs relocated to Nagpur centre

The Maharashtra forest department’s longest ever reunion attempt of four leopard cubs with their mother over 16 days failed at Akola. The department on Thursday relocated the abandoned 45-day-old cubs to Gorewada rescue centre in Nagpur.

On June 30, local villagers at the Pastul village adjacent to the Patur forest reserve in Akola district came across three cubs abandoned at a forest patch and immediately informed the forest department. A day later, another cub was found at the same spot.

“Since all four cubs were identified from the same area, we were sure that the mother would return, and commenced efforts for the reunion,” said Vijay Mane, divisional forest officer, Akola.

With camera traps already in place to document the movement of the mother, the forest department installed a CCTV camera atop an electric pole near the forest patch where the cubs were found. The cubs were placed in a crate as the forest officers awaited the mother’s return on the night of July 1.

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